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Carpentry Design Studio

We specialise in carpentry for customized furniture, event props, product prototyping and interior design.

The sense of fulfilment when you have completed a product is what kept us moving forward, we enjoy meeting like-minded people and working collectively for form creative collaborations. We are constantly looking for new inspirations, and making products that are truly designed in Singapore.


Over the past years, we have worked with designers, makers and corporate organizations to help them conceptualise and prototype their ideas.

Fabrication of your wildest idea can be daunting and difficult, this is where we come in to help advise and suggest refinements to make your ideas possible. This walkthrough experience will aid you in understanding the possibilities and limitations of fabrication technologies, and feasibility of working within your budget. We seek to carve a meaningful working relationship with all our clients.


Our maker journey has taught us that open sharing is the key to creating a vibrant community of active learners, and we too would like to share our experience and skills with you! Do keep a look out for our prototyping sessions and workshops!

Our Clientele

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and advise on the best approach to fabricate their ideas. Our knowledge in various fabrication techniques puts us on the forefront to better illustrate your ideas into a tangible product.

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